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A regularly-scheduled Sunday – not!

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 3.22.09 PMSundays at our house are anything but regular. Sometimes I wish they were. It would be nice to spend a lazy day reading a book, cooking easy meals for the week and having those close to us over for dinner. Most Sundays, however, go something more like this: morning coffee, plan the day… and then plans go out the window!

So as I sit here enjoying my morning coffee and “planning” my Sunday, I wonder how much of what is on my list will actually occur.  Here goes…

  • Gym time – hoping for a 9:00 a.m. visit but may be p.m. 🤷
  • A few hours of work – finalizing materials for an upcoming presentation
  • Family time – a board game/cards; screen time be gone!
  • WALK THE DOG! – it’s in CAPS cuz it’s rarely me (plus, it’s his birthday!)
  • Football Sunday to unwind – Go Chiefs, I guess, since the Redskins are out!

I hope your Sunday goes as planned but if not… move along and create a new plan making sure to include those must haves, for me – family time – even if only 30 minutes.

And that’s something about Mary ❤️





The Holidays are over. Now let’s clean up this mess!

2055414Like every other new year – in the first few weeks – our abode gets a mini makeover of sorts. Nothing our guests would notice but something we appreciate once complete. It’s all minor; some tidying, recycling, donating or a mere relocating. It’s quick, refreshes and renews neglected spaces.


This year’s focus:


Closets, closets, closets – we’ve got plenty and also plenty inside them! Our strategy:

  • picking no more than two per cleanup session
  • relocating seasonal clothes; swap items in/out of a closet/space in the basement
  • donating gently-used items; consider Style Encore, Value Village and Goodwill
  • having baskets for small items such as gloves, scarves, doggie bags/leashes etc.
  • parting ways with those forgotten, scuffed-up, out-of-fashion shoes
  • decluttering the linen closet and keeping ONLY needed towels and bed linens; store the rest elsewhere (follow the second bullet point)


Where do items collect in your kitchen? For us it’s:

  • our “everything drawer”
  • under the sink
  • the pantry
  • computer nook
  • Tupperware cabinet

Word of caution: Not decluttering may result in you spelunking Indiana Jones style the next time you need batteries. Consider:

  • removing items no longer useful
  • a plastic bag holder underneath the sink
  • throwing out paid, crumbled-up, 3-month-old bills
  • pair up Tupperware containers to lids and throw out the none-matching ones


Check your medicine cabinet, all drawers and under the sink. Focus on expired items – many items, not only medications, have them. Take note of recycling requirements. 


My office is the place where paper goes to rest!  I tackle this with:

  • having decorative boxes with lids – they make good holding spots for documents not quite ready for disposal
  • keeping a shredder close by and not being shy to use it – unless originals are necessary (taxes etc.), scan to electronic form and shred the paper version
  • recycle instruction books/manuals as they are most likely available on the internet


Toss out worn, holey socks, including unmatched pairs

Part ways with books. If you’ve read them, trade, donate or recycle them. Schools, churches, libraries and second-hand book stores are open to donations.

So block out a few hours next weekend, turn up the tunes and donate, recycle, relocate or toss. In no time will you have a refreshed, renewed and inviting space.


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 3.36.09 PM

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes! ♫♫

Well, here it is: the actual final weekend of the summer. Not by what the Gregorian calendar tells us, but by what the school board tells us. Yes, ♫ it’s the most wonderful time of year ♫ they’re gooooiiiiingggg baaaaack! I’m super excited for the boys: the youngest will start grade 5 and the eldest high school. They, however, do not share my enthusiasm. But then again, they did really have an enjoyable summer, so who can blame them.

So then, the routes are planned, the binders are bought, the clothes are ready to go. We are prepared. As we embark on another school year, and I look back at the last few summer months, I really can’t complain. My mother has settled in with us nicely, we had a wonderful time at the cottage, lovely evenings in the backyard and relaxing trips around town.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.26.12 PMHow cute were they on their first day last year? This year’s photo will follow next week.

With the boys getting settled back into their school routine, I, too, am ready to settle back into my work routine. I’m super exited myself for this year. I have much planned especially, on the real estate front… stay tuned!


♥, Mary



Expectations vs. Reality



Ahhh, it’s Saturday and one of the last weekends of the Summer is upon us. After a busy week, I’m looking forward to two days of relaxing on the backyard patio, with a good book and a glass of red wine. Nothing is going to get between me and my time away from it all this weekend! Ahh, bliss, maybe even a nap?

*Record Scratch!!!*

Ok, who am I kidding? Let’s face it, with only one week left before the kids head back to school, everybody’s going to be busy this weekend. Between getting the kids ready (one of them for his first year of High School, yikes!), having family over for dinner, working out early BOTH days (I am going to run my first 5K this September, but that’s a post for another day) and getting my mother ready for her annual trip back to the Old Country, I have my work cut out for me.

Another thing on my agenda, always a highlight for me, is meeting with clients and showing homes – doing that too!! Yes, the market is changing, but not all aspects of real estate have cooled.

Even though it’ll be a busy few days, I’m looking forward to it all!!!




July Sales…

market-update-imageThe Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) says the national average price for homes sold in July fell compared with a year ago, the first year-over-year drop since February 2013.

The association says the average price for a home sold last month was $478,696, down 0.3 per cent from July 2016, due to fewer sales in Toronto and Vancouver compared with last year.

Excluding Greater Vancouver and Greater Toronto, the national average price was $381,297, up from $365,033 a year ago.

The drop in the national average price came as the number of homes sold through Canadian MLS systems fell for the fourth consecutive month, moving down 2.1 per cent in July compared with June.

CREA says July sales were down from June in close to two-thirds of all markets, led by the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, Halifax-Dartmouth and Ottawa.

The move leaves sales down 15.3 per cent from the record set in March.

Compared with a year ago, sales in July were down 11.9 per cent.

Our Summer Vacation

Cottage Picture

Our annual cottage vacation has come and gone.  It’s only lasts a week, but a week that we look forward to and enjoy immensely.  We’ve met likeminded people and our children have found long time friends.  It’s not the “Dirty Dancing” type of resort with fancy ballrooms, dancing lessons and dining halls but a place where we go and kick off our shoes, put on our flip flops and putter around the grounds or relax on the beach.

We have come to enjoy chats under the sunny skies or around the campfire.  We’ve shared stories and our life happenings.  This last visit our nice friend shared her excitement for being part of Thirty-One Gifts. Thirty – what? Yes, my reaction was the same.  Her excitement was infatuating, so infatuating in fact that I’ve considered opening my home and having one of those house party.  Come on… you can see me falling for this, right? I love organization and Thirty-One offers much of that.  So, don’t be surprised to see an invitation from me sometime soon 🙂

Now getting back to our vacation. The children won the annual children vs adults soccer tournament (no injury for me this year). We ventured into one of the many small towns and shared a meal on a lakeside patio and spent many days on the beach looking out at the greatness that the Muskoka area has to offer. Can’t wait for next year!!!

So there you have it, another little Something About Mary…

The Furtado Group’s Latest Listing

Terra Cotta Picture - Front

In a quiet street in the Alton Village neighbourhood of Burlington, Ontario sits this beautifully inviting home. With its remastered front porch, perfectly landscaped backyard and many interior upgrades, you will no doubt be charmed by all it has to offer.  Don’t believe me… Click here





Old Becomes New

A little while back I blogged about my wonderful little purchase – it was black, topless and mini. In case you don’t recall, here’s a photo:


This little guy took me places. It’s been north, somewhat south, to different jurisdictions and carried more than I will ever admit. Even though a bond was formed, separation was inevitable.

As life moves on, needs change. The need for a bigger trunk, more room and maybe a little more help getting places via GPS.

So on a sunny spring day, the little guy took me to our final destination, where keys were exchanged and I left with yet another black beauty.

This time it was this:IMG_1664

We have already shared a few great moments and I hope we will share many more but I don’t think I will ever forget the excitement the little guy offered when I pulled down the roof and drove along with my hair in the wind.







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