Yep, it happened, my cell phone – BROKEN! It’s my connection to family, friends, work… my life!!! I was upset, really upset!
broken cell pic #2

No worries – hubby to the rescue. Bing, bang, boom, a few calls to Rogers and what would have been a $170 penalty for prematurely ending my contract turned out to be only $70.00. Thank you, hubby!!!

iPhone 5, gone! Hello, iPhone 6! Exiting, right? Well, a few days in… and I realized: no contacts, no photos, lost emails and yep, lost apps… apparently, just replacing the SIM-card isn’t enough. You need a connection to “the cloud”, which happened through my personal Apple ID. Well, until recently, hubby handled these sort of matters. I always spent little to zero attention when it came to “my” Apple ID. He took care of these things, making sure all I had to do was turn on my iPad and voilà, Candy Crush was up and running. But who would have known it, hubby isn’t perfect! Shocker! Apparently, not even him can keep track of all the passwords in the world.

So off to the Apple store I went, I had a date with their “Genius Bar”. Two hours and lots of embarrassed shoulder shrugs later, I was back in business. I had my contacts, emails, photos –my life – back.

To think I had to go to a store to learn about apples, clouds and bars…