Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 3.22.09 PMSundays at our house are anything but regular. Sometimes I wish they were. It would be nice to spend a lazy day reading a book, cooking easy meals for the week and having those close to us over for dinner. Most Sundays, however, go something more like this: morning coffee, plan the day… and then plans go out the window!

So as I sit here enjoying my morning coffee and “planning” my Sunday, I wonder how much of what is on my list will actually occur.  Here goes…

  • Gym time – hoping for a 9:00 a.m. visit but may be p.m. 🤷
  • A few hours of work – finalizing materials for an upcoming presentation
  • Family time – a board game/cards; screen time be gone!
  • WALK THE DOG! – it’s in CAPS cuz it’s rarely me (plus, it’s his birthday!)
  • Football Sunday to unwind – Go Chiefs, I guess, since the Redskins are out!

I hope your Sunday goes as planned but if not… move along and create a new plan making sure to include those must haves, for me – family time – even if only 30 minutes.

And that’s something about Mary ❤️