2055414Like every other new year – in the first few weeks – our abode gets a mini makeover of sorts. Nothing our guests would notice but something we appreciate once complete. It’s all minor; some tidying, recycling, donating or a mere relocating. It’s quick, refreshes and renews neglected spaces.


This year’s focus:


Closets, closets, closets – we’ve got plenty and also plenty inside them! Our strategy:

  • picking no more than two per cleanup session
  • relocating seasonal clothes; swap items in/out of a closet/space in the basement
  • donating gently-used items; consider Style Encore, Value Village and Goodwill
  • having baskets for small items such as gloves, scarves, doggie bags/leashes etc.
  • parting ways with those forgotten, scuffed-up, out-of-fashion shoes
  • decluttering the linen closet and keeping ONLY needed towels and bed linens; store the rest elsewhere (follow the second bullet point)


Where do items collect in your kitchen? For us it’s:

  • our “everything drawer”
  • under the sink
  • the pantry
  • computer nook
  • Tupperware cabinet

Word of caution: Not decluttering may result in you spelunking Indiana Jones style the next time you need batteries. Consider:

  • removing items no longer useful
  • a plastic bag holder underneath the sink
  • throwing out paid, crumbled-up, 3-month-old bills
  • pair up Tupperware containers to lids and throw out the none-matching ones


Check your medicine cabinet, all drawers and under the sink. Focus on expired items – many items, not only medications, have them. Take note of recycling requirements. 


My office is the place where paper goes to rest!  I tackle this with:

  • having decorative boxes with lids – they make good holding spots for documents not quite ready for disposal
  • keeping a shredder close by and not being shy to use it – unless originals are necessary (taxes etc.), scan to electronic form and shred the paper version
  • recycle instruction books/manuals as they are most likely available on the internet


Toss out worn, holey socks, including unmatched pairs

Part ways with books. If you’ve read them, trade, donate or recycle them. Schools, churches, libraries and second-hand book stores are open to donations.

So block out a few hours next weekend, turn up the tunes and donate, recycle, relocate or toss. In no time will you have a refreshed, renewed and inviting space.