Well, here it is: the actual final weekend of the summer. Not by what the Gregorian calendar tells us, but by what the school board tells us. Yes, ♫ it’s the most wonderful time of year ♫ they’re gooooiiiiingggg baaaaack! I’m super excited for the boys: the youngest will start grade 5 and the eldest high school. They, however, do not share my enthusiasm. But then again, they did really have an enjoyable summer, so who can blame them.

So then, the routes are planned, the binders are bought, the clothes are ready to go. We are prepared. As we embark on another school year, and I look back at the last few summer months, I really can’t complain. My mother has settled in with us nicely, we had a wonderful time at the cottage, lovely evenings in the backyard and relaxing trips around town.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.26.12 PMHow cute were they on their first day last year? This year’s photo will follow next week.

With the boys getting settled back into their school routine, I, too, am ready to settle back into my work routine. I’m super exited myself for this year. I have much planned especially, on the real estate front… stay tuned!


♥, Mary