Cottage Picture

Our annual cottage vacation has come and gone.  It’s only lasts a week, but a week that we look forward to and enjoy immensely.  We’ve met likeminded people and our children have found long time friends.  It’s not the “Dirty Dancing” type of resort with fancy ballrooms, dancing lessons and dining halls but a place where we go and kick off our shoes, put on our flip flops and putter around the grounds or relax on the beach.

We have come to enjoy chats under the sunny skies or around the campfire.  We’ve shared stories and our life happenings.  This last visit our nice friend shared her excitement for being part of Thirty-One Gifts. Thirty – what? Yes, my reaction was the same.  Her excitement was infatuating, so infatuating in fact that I’ve considered opening my home and having one of those house party.  Come on… you can see me falling for this, right? I love organization and Thirty-One offers much of that.  So, don’t be surprised to see an invitation from me sometime soon 🙂

Now getting back to our vacation. The children won the annual children vs adults soccer tournament (no injury for me this year). We ventured into one of the many small towns and shared a meal on a lakeside patio and spent many days on the beach looking out at the greatness that the Muskoka area has to offer. Can’t wait for next year!!!

So there you have it, another little Something About Mary…