I’ve moved a few time.  These tips come as a result of my experiences.

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

Make sure to have all the supplies you need before you start. Boxes, tape, tape/box cutters. Don’t forget labels and sharpie markers. Fragile items – box them with bubble wrap.


  • Buying boxes: Not necessary! See if your local stores can spare any
  • Forgot the bubble wrap? Use newspapers, towels, blankets and clothing
  • No dollies, blankets, etc.? – Rent them!

Organization is Key

Don’t procrastinate! Figure out how many days to “move date” and how much you have to move.  Look into what is being disposed and how it will be done – it takes time. Being organized will help. I set myself a timeline – start small (Day 1: pack one box)


  • Put paper items (passports, photos, documents, etc.) in waterproof containers
  • Wrap up mattresses in plastic bags
  • Make arrangements for the movement of propane tanks and other hazardous materials (movers won’t take them)

Overnight Bag

Have a bag with your personal essentials for a few days – pack like you are going away for the weekend.


Label and colour code boxes.

  • Write on each box the room the items will go into
  • Indicate if FRAGILE/HEAVY etc.
  • Pick colours for each room and then write the room name in that colour

Be mindful of the boxes’ weight. Movers may be strong but aside from the obvious (injury) boxes can fall apart if too heavy.


  • Good practice to place heavier items at the bottom of boxes.
  • Some items do transport best in specifically designed boxes such as paintings, mirrors, TVs, lamps
  • About a month before the move, reduce the amount of food you buy. Eat what’s in the fridge/cupboards
  • Consider how many coolers you need to pack away what’s left in the fridge/freezer
  • Pack one box with the essential “next day” kitchen items (coffee, paper towels, paper cups/plates etc.)

Is it Important?

Items to be considered super important should not be packed in boxes. Keep them close.

  • Put computers, phones etc. in smaller bags and transport separately
  • Put important papers in smaller plastic bins or bags and transport in your car
  • Keep jewellery in close proximity.  Don’t pack it away

Get Rid of the Unwanted

Don’t let it happen! Don’t move the unwanted items!! You’ve done the hardest part – separating through it all. Now, make sure to give, sell and toss. Don’t spend money moving what you no longer need.

Using Movers

Cost usually plays a factor and sometimes preference. I personally like to use a combination. I rent the truck and then hire movers to move the items into and out of the truck. No travel time charges 🙂