I’ve been feeling pretty good about my gym performances lately: regular attendances, keeping up with my trainer, feeling pretty good all around. Not sure what happened the other day, but I found myself in the middle of a session wanting to quit. Yes, you read it: QUIT. I don’t know what hit me, I felt I couldn’t go on any further. It got worse, I tried, I really tried to walk away… to leave. In my defense, I wasn’t feeling the greatest going in, had a brutal headache, hadn’t had the greatest nutrition that morning and thus had really low energy.

Didn’t matter how I felt and what I said, my trainer was having none of it. She was on a roll – keeping me focused and telling me to NOT GIVE UP. I’m glad she pushed me through. Even though I couldn’t see it then, and didn’t really see if for an hour or so afterwards. My day ended with no headache, increased energy and a feeling of accomplishment.I did need some guidance to get me through but I DID IT, I didn’t give up. Just as they say: there is no bad workout.