Boy, did I pick a hot and sticky day to door knock – 32 degrees, but it didn’t stop me…

I’m working with several buyer clients eyeing a very specific neighbourhood and if you follow real estate, you know there is more housing demand than supply at the moment. Week after week, the media talks about the sizzling market, bully offers, multiple offers – the list goes on.

So, armed with my business cards, walking shoes, a really, really nice smile and most importantly, knowledge of the area, off I walked…

As it sometimes happens, I expected the cold shoulder, the “not interested” and even the “why are you bothering me on a weekend” look. Rather I encountered very nice, and unreserved people wanting to chat about “their neighbourhood” and the benefits of living there.  A little surprising – right?  All very nice I guess, but not for my clients hoping to share in such similar neighbourhood benefits themselves 😦 

Well, after having gained a little distance, I have come to the conclusion that yes, these homeowners were very much aware of the current housing market, very much aware that they could probably make a substantial profit if they sold right now. But as it turns out, you can’t always put a price on a place someone calls home. Sometimes, the benefits of staying with what you have outweigh financial gains.

So although my quest of finding the perfect match for my clients went unfulfilled that day, I was reminded of an old saying: Home IS where the heart is!