I have always enjoyed visiting open houses but often wondered what agents thought about me trekking in with two very young, VERY active boys. I was sure they didn’t like it. Would they really want to compete for my attention with two “bickering” little men… how were they to get in a word in?

Well, contrary to my belief, those little ones are actually great marketing tools!!!

Now in the business, I noticed that when children walk (or rather run) through open houses, they scream out their likes/dislikes about the home. They pick “their” rooms and squeal with delight when finding tucked-away areas. They are more excited than you are – and, being kids and having no understanding of the delicate dance that is a real estate transaction, they SHOW it. Ah-ha, there it was: they are indirectly marking the house – for you. Who would have thought? Well, not me, a few years back – that’s for sure. 

So parents; please, please, please bring your little ones to my open houses. I’ll be sure to listen to their every word :).

And that’s a little more from Mary…