I am a loving mother and wife. A career woman. I juggle two children (some would say three), two jobs and a hectic household. Yes, I’m busy, but happily busy.  I enjoy me-time – but I don’t really, really.

I need the hustle and bustle life offers and thrive with every challenge it poses. My husband says I should slow down and pamper myself, yet a glass of wine at the end of the day  with my family is all I need (along with the occasional dinner out at our favourite place in town). On those outings with my family we love to stop by local shops and artisans. Childhood feelings and memories creep up on me as I watch my family revel in old traditions of browsing for candy, ice cream and toys.  Today, I offer to share with you a childhood emotion that was long left behind and recently resurfaced.

How many people can say that their jobs bring back favourable childhood memories?  I for one, am able to do so.

I enjoyed real estate well before immersing myself in the business. (This in itself contributes to my positive work perspective).  I took any opportunity to visit local open houses, kept abreast of the real estate market and spoke to anyone that would listen about the real estate happenings in my neighbourhood. And even though I wasn’t looking to buy or sell myself, the thrill of being “in the know” is what got me involved in real estate! In fact, it was more than a thrill, it’s an emotion that’s hard to explain except to compare it to the feeling of being that child in the candy store, the one that was so excited to be there but yet didn’t know where to look first. Yes, I get that same feeling walking into a brand-new listing. Not because of its size or the decor, but rather because of it’s beauty and potential. I must admit, I get more excited than my clients at times – I know, not very professional, but no worries, I don’t show it.

I hope this feeling remains for years to come. I also hope that my future professional life will bring back many more of my childhood feelings (minus the awkward high school dances, of course!) .

And now you know something about Mary…

Cheers for now!